The Challenge

This client was putting a lot of time and money into their online ad account, but it was giving them very little back in return. They needed someone to set up their conversion tracking properly and ensure that they were bidding on keywords that would bring in the best possible ROI.

What We Did

We decided to completely redesign their Google Ads account using our best practice approach for cutting out wastage and optimising based on cost per lead.

Their main aim was to grow fast, meaning they needed an ad account which worked hard for them. After 6 months of working with us, we had increased their monthly leads from 10 to 70, and their cost per lead was brought down from £30 to £14. This has helped the business to grow exponentially and reach a much wider audience than previously.

Our Results
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in click through rate
Reduction in cost per lead
Increase in traffic
More leads per month