The Challenge

This client approached us to take over the management of their ad account and improve the results that they were seeing in terms of conversions. They found that they were appearing for too many search results, meaning that the quality of leads they were getting through were poor, and many of these enquiries were wasting their time. They also wanted accurate conversion tracking to be set up so that they could understand the data and use it to improve their results month on month.

What We Did

We found that the conversion tracking on their account had been set up incorrectly, and so was having a negative impact on optimisation methods and providing them with inconsistent data. Our first step was to redo this completely and ensure the entire setup was working correctly. Once this initial work had been completed, we rebuilt the account from scratch, resulting in a consistent improvement in leads through the site (averaging around 30 per month within a 3 month period).

Our Results
Increase in conversion rate
Reduction in cost per click
Reduction in cost per lead
Increase in traffic
More leads per month