The Challenge

They got in contact with us to help them improve the leads that they were receiving through their website. Whilst they were receiving a few enquiries through each month, many of them were of low quality and there was a lot of wastage. We realised that their ad account had no negative keywords and was set up with too many broad match terms, meaning the client was generating a large number of irrelevant impressions.

What We Did

In order to improve the performance of their website conversions, we started by conducting keyword research to ensure we were targeting the correct search terms and demographics, and then set up campaigns based on the different services that CrissCross offered. We put these into our best practice structure to enable easy monitoring and optimisation in the future. We also created a custom landing page which was specifically optimised for lead generation.

Once we had collected some initial data, we used this to restructure the content based on relevant keywords and optimised the existing campaigns based on which terms had performed best.

Our Results
Increase in conversion rate
Reduction in cost per click
Reduction in cost per lead
Increase in traffic
More leads per month