The Challenge

The client had previously partnered with a number of other marketing agencies for help with running their online ads. However, none of them had performed sufficiently to date. Their account had been set up in a way which meant they had very little control over their targeting strategies, and there was a huge amount of budget being wasted on irrelevant search terms. It was very difficult for them to make improvements and optimise their performance based on the data they were being provided with.

The original account had been running for 6 months and had only generated a 1.26% click through rate, with a conversion rate of 0.5%. This amounted to 12 conversions at a staggering £185 cost per lead.

What We Did

To begin with, we set up campaigns for their bespoke blind services, targeting higher end clients in a bid to generate a better return. Within 3 months, we saw conversions increase by 1120% and the cost per lead had dropped to £16. After seeing this improvement, the client agreed to double their budget and we started to build campaigns across other services.

Our Results
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in click through rate
Reduction in cost per lead
Increase in traffic
More leads per month