The Challenge

We worked with Alseal Glass to improve the conversions on their website and reduce wasted clicks.

What We Did

When reviewing the site, we saw that the client had set up their tracking inaccurately, meaning it was difficult to understand what was working and what wasn’t. They also didn’t have any tailored landing pages, so all traffic was going through to their main site, which wasn’t set up for conversions.

We started by carrying out keyword research and using this information to build structured campaigns that could then be monitored and optimised based on the results. We created custom landing pages to ensure that anyone who clicked on the client’s adverts were sent to the correct content based on their search terms.

Once we had collected additional data, we used this to optimise and improve the campaigns we set up, allocating those that were performing better to higher budgets.

Our Results
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in click through rate
Reduction in cost per lead
Increase in traffic
More leads per month