Surviving COVID-19: Free Marketing Advice

As many businesses across the UK struggle with the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 it is apparent that everyone needs to pull together and assist in any way they can.

At Multi Layer Media, even though we ourselves have been effected by the uncertainty, we realise that our expert skillset could be of great use to many businesses during this period.

Businesses will likely fall into the following categories:

• All marketing activity frozen until further notice

• Marketing budgets massively reduced

Therefore it’s vital that businesses are well informed during this period on what marketing strategies are going to be most effective for their individual situation. Every business faces its own challenges and we aim to provide FREE bespoke marketing advice to everyone who needs it.

Surviving the next few weeks/months is obviously top of every business owners’ list, however once this crisis has passed, businesses will need to plan and strategise their recovery, and cost effective marketing adhering to budget constraints will play a big part in this.

Through our years of experience, we are well placed to advise businesses on what they can to do survive throughout and recover from COVID-19. We will be offering free in-depth advice and tutorials allowing small businesses to market themselves during and after this difficult period. All group members are free to post their questions and concerns and we will help in any way we can.

The recovery of the economy is vital and we are determined to do what we can to help those businesses that need it.

We will be working with some of our partners to offer free weekly giveaways to members of the group, all with the aim of helping businesses further, more details on these business-boosting giveaways will be announced in due course.

Join our Facebook group to benefit from FREE marketing advice during these difficult times.

Our team and partners look forward to helping as many of you as possible during these challenging times.

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Aaron Suleyman