Why Work With A Google Partner On Your Advertising Campaigns

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Kevin Hilton
01st June 2016

Google now processes over 1.2 trillion, yes trillion, searches per year worldwide. The phrase “Google it” has become a common occurrence in our day to day lives, and the search giant shows no signs of slowing down.

So why is the above of any importance to you and your business? In a nutshell, Google is the go-to place when people are searching for a service or product, whether you are a local business or a national brand you need to be visible on Google. If not, you are gifting your competition your share of potential customers.

This isn’t to say that every business should go out and invest every marketing penny they have into an SEO or PPC campaign, small businesses especially need to approach online marketing with caution, and Google AdWords is a great starting point.

AdWords is a proven way to get in front of people actively searching for your product or service. As soon as your account is setup, your web traffic will increase. Simple right? Not always, the issue with AdWords is it can drain your budget very quickly if it’s not:

1) Setup Properly

2) Managed Correctly

We’ve dealt with countless businesses who believe AdWords just wont work for them, but it turns out the account has not been setup or managed properly.

That is where Google Partner’s like ourselves can come to your rescue (dressed as super heroes for an extra fee), taking care of any issues as they arise and optimising the campaign on a weekly basis to make sure that all important conversion rate, and Return On Investment continues to increase.

Common AdWords Mistakes

A failing AdWords campaign can be down to many things, but there are a few errors that we see over and over again, and we have highlighted these below:

Broad Match & Phrase Match Keywords Driving Irrelevant Traffic

Google consists of a variety of keyword types, each keyword type adjusts the level of focus applied to your keywords. For instance, if you were selling car insurance you might want to use the keyword “cheap car insurance”, however if you were to add this keyword as a broad match type (without the quotations) you could end up appearing for searches such as:

  • Why is my girlfriend’s car insurance cheaper than mine
  • Which country has the cheapest car insurance
  • Etc.

As you can see, these people are not looking for car insurance, they are researching information, and if they click your advert by mistake, you are throwing money away on searches that will never lead to ROI.

Keyword types need to be carefully managed, and negative keywords need to be regularly added to keep searches focused on your core target audience.

Conversion Rates Are Not Monitored

A conversion is the main aim of your PPC campaign, whether if it’s to make people call your business, fill out a form or buy a product – these are your conversions.

These need to be tracked and optimised overtime, lets say you have two ad groups

  • Ad group one for Nike Trainers
  • Ad group two for Reebok Trainers

Ad group one is converting at 12%, but ad group two is converting at 1%. Why continue to invest money into the ad group which is not performing as well? Keeping track of conversions allows you to spend your money on searches that lead to a higher ROI and more profit for you business.

Landing Pages Are Ignored

Landing pages are the pages people see after clicking an advert in Google, they are vital to the success of your campaign.

Small changes to your landing pages can lead to big increases in your conversion rate. We have worked on campaigns in the past where strategic changes to a landing page have seen conversion rates leap from 5% to 20%.

Unfortunately, the landing page is often a forgotten factor as people concentrate on the AdWords interface only. As an agency, we offer landing page optimisation as a standard part of our PPC package.

Inexperienced Agencies

It takes about 5 minutes to open an Adwords account, but a lot longer to master! However, this presents an issue that the barrier for entry - when it comes to offering PPC management services - is very low. Many agencies offer PPC marketing as a side service to something such as website design, but more often that not, these agencies do not have a proven track record in AdWords success, so once again businesses end up giving up on AdWords due to bad experiences.

Working with a Google Partner prevents the above from happening.

So Why Use A Google Partner?

To qualify as a Google partner, you first must pass a series of certifications and proceed to renew them each year. AdWords features are regularly updated, so the yearly retesting ensures that partners have stayed on top of changes.

Secondly, to achieve Google Partner status you must also show:

  • Regular best practices when it comes to account optimisation
  • Prove your agency manages a high regular account spend across your clients

Google also provides a regular update of agency performance, for transparency here is our most recent updates, it shows the minimum level required for a Google Partner, the average Google Partner performance, and where we are:

Basically, working with a Google Partner ensures that your AdWords campaign has the best possible chance of succeeding, and not just succeeding but also exceeding expectations.

Why settle for a 2/3% conversion rate when a managed account can achieve 30%?

AdWords is not a viable marketing solution for all businesses, but for a big percentage it can lead to a very high and sustainable ROI compared to other forms of marketing, working with a Google Partner ensures you are working with someone who is constantly on top of new changes and can advise on how they can benefit your business.

Let Us Drive Your Online Success

If you are a business that is using AdWords and you do not feel your current campaign is performing as it should, we are here to help. We guarantee that we will increase your conversion rate within three months, if not you are eligible for a full refund.

Alternatively, if you are not yet using Google AdWords, we are currently offering free account setup, a months free management and £75 free credit when you spend £25.

Get in touch with us today and discuss how you can increase your business leads through Google AdWords.